Beachfront Condos
from just US $77K

Designed specifically for real estate investors looking for turnkey, hassle-free rental income, these condos units, located in northeastern Brazil's most popular resort zone, provide investors with an opportunity to earn high net rental income on autopilot.

The Developer

Established in 1999, Impar Engenharia Ltd ( has grown to become one of the most respected real estate developers in Brazil with more than 3,000 units delivered—both residential and commercial. Throughout its 21-year history, Impar, a debt free company with a proven track record, has been able to build and maintain strong relationships with its clients and partners thanks to its commitment to integrity, honesty, service and quality. Impar continues to develop, innovate and offer new real estate products in prime and in-demand locations along Brazil’s northeastern coastline.


Project Location

This beachfront condo development will be constructed on the point of a beautiful peninsula with two amazing beaches. Located in the village Pontal de Maceio in the municipality of Fortim on the northeastern coast of Brazil in the state of Ceará just minutes from Canoa Quebrada and Aracati and just one hour from the state capital, Fortaleza—Brazil's 5th largest city.

Within walking distance you have a variety of restaurants and beach bars.

The community is easily accessible to international and domestic visitors.

You have the international airport in Fortaleza, which recently expanded its number of direct international flights, plus a newly opened airport in Aracati expected to receive its first domestic flights this year.

Access for regional tourists has been improved with the recent expansion and renovation of CE-40, the main highway that runs along the east coast.

The region is already extremely popular among Brazilians tourism continues to grow, both domestic and international, with increased access to the area.

As tourism grows so does the increase in short-term rental demand. Right now, the average occupancy rate in Canoa Quebrada is around 88%, 9 points higher that the state average of 79%.

The capital appreciation upside in this area is strong as well.

The most luxurious beachfront homes in the state of Ceará are located in the Fortim municipality. Plus, with more domestic and international visits, thanks to improved access, the demand for second homes further driving up property values.

The Point - Beachfront Condos

The Point - Beachfront Condos will be situated directly on one of the most impressive beaches in the state of Ceará where you can enjoy ocean views in almost all directions as this is a peninsula.

The condo units, sized at 44 square meters (474 square feet) will feature one bedroom with ensuite bathroom along with a modern kitchen area that opens up to a combined living space. Ceiling height will be at over 9 feet! Each unit also has an outside terrace area allowing residents to take in the ocean breeze and beach views.

Ground level units will have a small private garden area.

All of the condos units feature direct ocean views and direct beach access.

The price of condos start at $77,000.

Developer financing is available.

The terms are 25% down (or $19,250) with interest-free payments over 24 months.

Pay all cash up front and get a cash discount of US$10,000 reducing the price to just $67,000 for the lowest priced unit.

All-inclusive furniture and appliance package (optional).


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Balcony View

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Project Location/Lot

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Pool Area

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Ocean View

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Project Layout

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Unit 1 Floorplan

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Bedroom View

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Fitness Center

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The residents of the condos at Pontal will enjoy onsite amenities including:

  • Direct access to two beaches
  • Infinity pool with ocean views
  • Fitness center
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Bar

Residents are walking distance to several beach bars and restaurants serving everything from seafood to pizza to ice cream.

Just minutes away, in the towns of Canoa Quebrada and Aracati residents will have access to a large supermarket, shopping mall, pharmacy, and hospital.

Residents will also have access to outdoor activities like kite surfing, horseback riding, dune buggy riding, paragliding, and ATV 4x4 tours in nearby Canoa Quebrada.

Rental Income

With the growing tourism and development taking place along this coast, a beachfront condo in this area presents you with an excellent rental income opportunity.

With the state of Ceará's ongoing initiatives to promote the area as a tourist destination for foreigners, Brazil's recent visa changes, and expansion of domestic flights we anticipate that rental demand in the area will continue to grow allowing you to charge higher rates further increasing your yields.

On top of all that, these units are fully turnkey. In other words, you'll be able to earn rental cash flow on autopilot.

We have a first-class rental management team in place, who'll manage the units on your behalf, with extensive experience in the area along with an existing database of rental clients.

They'll take care of everything from:

  • Marketing
  • Booking Reservations
  • Collecting rent
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Bill paying

Further, owners don't have to worry about furnishing their condo. An optional furniture package (US$10,000) is available that includes everything needed to set up your unit for short-term rental: appliances, lighting fixtures, curtains, beds, TV, dishes, sheets, towels, etc.

The unit can double as a rental and vacation home, that ultimately becomes your retirement residence. To put it another way, you are using your rental income to fund your future retirement home.

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

How many condo units are available?

At the moment, only 24 units are being offered.


When will construction begin on the condo?

We anticipate construction of condos to start in October 2020.


When will the condos be completed and delivered?

We expect the condos to be fully constructed and delivered by December 2021.


How will unit owners receive rental payouts?

Monthly or quarterly, it's the investor's choice.


Is a Brazilian bank account recommended for unit owners?

It's not necessary and more of a hassle. The rental management company will send the rental proceeds directly to investors in U.S. dollars to their designated bank account.


How is the rental management company marketing the units besides Airbnb?

The rental management company will use several channels to market units including Airbnb, HomeAway, local newspaper ads, and their extensive referral network. They'll also leverage their existing client base, many of whom are repeat customers. They've been in business for a very long time.


Can foreigners own property in Brazil?

Yes, foreigners are permitted to own property outright in Brazil. Also, foreigners have the same property rights as Brazilians and will obtain a free & clear title to the property. It is no different than owning real estate in Europe or the US. Brazil is quickly becoming the world-leader in attracting foreign investment and immigration. There are literally millions of foreign nationals in Brazil who own property and businesses.

All you will need to buy and own property is a CPF number (tax registration number) which you can apply for via the Brazilian embassy in your home country or we can get it for you here in Brazil. This number is required in order to legally identify you for title purposes. It does not mean you need to file taxes in Brazil. The CPF is an important document required for anybody, Brazilian or non-Brazilians, who wishes to own real state in Brazil. We will be glad to assist you in obtaining your CPF.


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